Under Where?

Disposable, single-use underpants, they said. Such a great idea!

Goodness, we blushed. What on earth for?

Then we thought about it. And made a list of those special occasions when an extra pair of skivvies would just be so handy.

(Disclaimer: This is not for the easily repulsed.)

1. A strenuous workout leaves you a bit soggy in the seat.
2. Backpacking through Europe. You never hand-washed your knickers before. Why start now?
3. An unexpected dip in the pool.
4. Bad judgment (and a few too many scotches) on the first date.
5. The pair you wear out of the house fall victim to an atomic wedgie.
6. No need to wear seaweed-stained undies after a trip to the spa.
7. Your surprise houseguests packed a little light.
8. Relief after a long afternoon of Jell-O wrestling.
9. You have to do something when laundry laziness reaches emergency levels.

And finally …

10. Hello! Your monthly visitor has been known to knock on the door a little early.

Supply the demand with LeBrief disposable panties. Perfect for those tricky moments, the throwaway wonders are made of soft polypropylene and are lined with a cotton crotch. They come in dainty packages of five and cost only three dollars. They even sell boxers and briefs for men.

Not that you want to start sharing this little secret anytime soon.

Available online at dnaproductsonline.com.