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Freckle Me Not

Those little ones sure do love the sunshine. Fun! Sand! Water! Wheeee!

But sometimes the sun can result in everything but a happy glow — especially when it comes to tots and their delicate skin. You try to be vigilant: Out comes the gooey sunscreen (no, Ma! Please!), the sun hats, and the umbrellas, and suddenly Mom is the least popular kid in the sandbox.

Until you can get the wee ones to stay put in the shade (fear not. They’ll learn), we suggest you check out Petit Patapon’s new line of UV-protectant T-shirts: cute little numbers that have the built-in block of 30 SPF sunscreen. Perfect for long days in the sun.

Of course, we don’t suggest you nix all the other precautionary measures. This is just one way to make everyone’s day a little easier.

Because you know what they about life being a beach.

Available online at petitpatapon.com.