Outside the Sox

Black socks. Not usually found in the drawer marked MOST EXCITING WARDROBE ITEMS. Unless, of course, they’re limited-edition.

Limited-edition? Socks? Surely someone jests.

But no. The mission of design collaborative Soxbox.net is to turn socks into works of art. Each clever artist has come up with a single colorful image with which to adorn a pair. Look for Band-Aids, lipstick, washing machines, odometers, shopping carts, rice bowls, bar-code tags, and official MTA line numbers, as well as statements referencing everything from your dating life (“It’s not me. It’s you.”) to surrealism (“This is not a sock.”). To complete the makeover, each pair of socks comes vacuum-packed with a little photo and bio of the designer.

So much jazzier than your run-of-the-mill foot garments.

You never know. They just might make it into that drawer after all.

Available online at soxbox.net.