Oral Fixation

Like most addictions, it starts at a young age. Bonne Bell seemed sweet and innocent, but she’s the one that got you hooked.

And then there were the long, cold winters. Medicine for dry, cracked lips? Yeah, sure. Until the menthol-washed coma kicked in. You found yourself reapplying long after the snow cleared. And as the enabling began, the seasons begin to take blame for your cravings. SPFs started to shield more than the sun, and social smear sessions turned into closet balmings.

Junkies, rejoice! Lip Balm of the Month Club will send you a different brand of lip balm (Labello, Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face) every month for a year for $50 (an anonymous deal that takes place online). And there’s a club for boys, too. It does take two to kiss.

So stock up on the lip crack. Nobody’s judging. There are far worse dependencies.

Besides, isn’t the first step admitting?

Available online at lipmedic.com.