Rain and Shine

A dark, stormy night. You’d give anything not to brave the ominous weather and menacing blackness outside.

But what can you do? When you’re out of toilet paper, you’re out of toilet paper.

Luckily, there’s protection — in the form of a Bright Night umbrella, a swell new contraption that simultaneously shelters you from the rain (or sleet or snow) and illuminates the area beneath it. Genius! A small light at the base of the canopy automatically turns on or off when you open or close the umbrella, which, of course, is made to exceed industry standards for durability and wind resistance.

And the appeal goes beyond the functional. Bright Nights come in truly excellent modern colorful designs, derived from a kind of visual riffing on water and rain (Water Cluster, Ripple Effect, Monsoon, Cloudburst). It’s sure to send your tired old Burberry into retirement — and comes at a much better price.

Perfect storm? Bring it on.

Available online at bright-night.com.