Up in Arms

This (very scientific) study just in: Arms are, hands down (yuk yuk), the most highly accessorized appendages on the human body.

Want proof? Consult your personal history: The newborn hospital bracelet. The prom corsage. The Fendi Bussola watch.

And, of course, the many, many bags. Here’s one more to add to your list: Cammie Hill’s Crayola-hued wristband clutches. They add a splash of color to any getup — and give your shoulders a well-deserved rest. Choose from ruffle, two-tone stripe, or ruched detailing in pumpkin, wine, chocolate, eggplant, light blue, sunny yellow, or, if you’re tough enough, camo. And with plenty of room for a hefty stash of cash, cosmetics, and a cell, they’re just the thing to keep your arm-accessorizing statistics at an all-time high.

Because, after all, who are you to argue with science?

Available online at ravinstyle.com.