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A Movable Feast

For some, automobiles have always been a measure of status. So if you’re one of them, you’d best have a chariot that matches the utility of, say, your home. Especially if you need a place to sleep when your car payment translates into delinquent utility bills.

These days, fast food doesn’t have to mean Taco Bell if you have a Power To Go 12-Volt Saucepan and Popcorn Popper. He’s got his eye on the freeway; you’ve got your eye on the stew.

Who hasn’t experienced the joy of a sticky, melted Snickers bar on the dashboard? Or swilling warm Diet Coke on a road trip? Nix all that with a portable mini fridge. The Hot and Cold Car Snack Box is made for the speed snacker. Really, who has time for ice? Just plug it in. Chose your temp and get your grub on.

Need all the legroom you can get? Hitch the Grill-n-Chill to your wheels. You’ll be pushing more than 20-inch rims. It has a gas grill, stainless-steel Coleman cooler, and — oh, yes — a 50-watt Sony stereo. Roll into your shanty town, detach, and BBQ for everyone.

If Jewel had had these nifty accessories at her fingertips, she wouldn’t have had to whine about living in that van.