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Lights, Camera ...

Nowadays kids don’t dream of growing up to be president.

They dream of growing up to be McG.

Unfortunately, dance lessons and debate club — though lovely for budding ballerinas and pundits — won’t do much for the aspiring filmmaker. So get yours a Digital Movie Creator from Digital Blue, and in no time she’ll be directing and starring in her very own movies. The compact, affordable little movie camera records images and sounds and comes with software that allows your tyrant-in-training to edit and add special effects. (Soft focus for Mom?)

For guidance, kids can log onto Digital Blue’s Website for tips. They can even enter a Movie of the Year contest, so they can start getting used to the constant criticism and pressure of the career they’ve chosen.

Hey, it’s not like being president is any better.

Available online at amazon.com. For tips and information, go to playdigitalblue.com.