The Awakening

You. Last Tuesday. 6 a.m.

Not a pretty picture.

Tired. Hungover. Silently screaming “Shuuuut up” at your snooze button. Fingernails on the chalkboard would be a less grating way to rejoin the living. No one’s asking you to reexamine your hard-partying lifestyle. (Though you may want to reconsider imbibing six apple-tinis. Where’s your pride?) It’s simply time for a more peaceful way to ease into the day.

The Oregon Scientific clock radio not only soothes you into consciousness, it vibrates you out of bed (in a PG kinda way) via a ten-foot mattress-attached cable. It has an automatic time setting, multiple language readouts (wait … Where are you again?), and updated weather forecasts and an indoor/outdoor temperature gauge tell you whether to reach for the mohair turtleneck or the skimpy Gucci crowd pleaser.

Cut to you. Next Tuesday. Up early and chipper. Almost — almost — giving new meaning to the word vibrant.

View online at oregonscientific.com.