Weight Watcher

Your relationship with your scale is sort of like your relationship with your shrink.

You get along just fine — as long as it tells you what you want to hear.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always look forward to seeing it? Art de Toilette’s decoupage scales are one way to improve the weighing ritual. Designer Wendy Gold handmakes each one, applying five coats of waterproof varnish to her distinctive designs, which include Bittersweet, a trompe l’oeil box of chocolates; Will Power, which resembles a refrigerator door; and Barefoot Confessional, which invites you to “Step right up for salvation.” Or, if you prefer, you can commission your very own design. Of course, it won’t tell you anything different from your old scale …

But it could make the news a little more bearable.

Available online at artdetoilette.com.