Let It Reel

Care enough to send the very best?

Why bother with a rinky-dink card when you can send your very own homemade movie instead?

DFILM (developers of visual-communication software and an online resource for digital-film aficionados) features a nifty app called Moviemaker that turns you into a cubicle Kubrick in a few simple clicks.

You select background, plot, and characters: swanky boudoir, rendezvous, abominable snowman and rave girl. (Look. It’s just a suggestion.) You write the dialogue, then pick the music and title design. Send it off to a friend, and wait for the accolades to roll in.

So much easier than getting an M.F.A. (And free, to boot!)

If only you had a P.A. underling you could send out on those soy-latte runs.

Find Moviemaker online at dfilm.com.