Flipping Back

There’s no easy way to break the news: Flip-flops’ days are numbered.

Sure, they’ve had a great run in the spotlight for the last few summers, but what about the consequences? No arch support. They keep your toes in a state of perma-filth … Enough.

Time to bring back summertime’s other footwear staple: espadrilles. The shoe that’s run hot and cold since before Coco discovered French-sailor chic. And no matter what or where, nothing evokes beach in Nice as effectively.

While you’ve been ignoring them for the latest Havaianas, the folks at Espadrillesetc.com have been stockpiling them in every possible variation: mules, wedges, lace-up, and more. They come in all colors — some even have a matching bag!

A trick even the best flip-flop can’t pull off.

Available online at espadrillesetc.com.