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Clik Flick

You know what they say. Nothing beats a great pair of Legos.

Except for Clikits, a cool new building toy, designed just for girls by the folks at Lego.

Here’s a sampling of the things she can spend her summer vacation crafting: Ponytail holders and matching anklets. Pillows that convert into handbags. Friendship bracelets and necklaces. Mobiles and picture frames. Tote bags. (Oooh, that’s handy. Someplace to stash all this stuff she’ll be making.) The sixteen kits should make “Mooooom! I’m boooored!” a thing of the past.

Clikits have already won prizes for general toy excellence, and there’s a Website (of course) where girls can get ideas and share their favorite designs.

As long as it keeps her happy — and quiet — until dinnertime.

For more information and to find stores, go to clikits.com.