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What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

Cheese. In the past, a word that sent even the most casual dieter fleeing in abject fear.

Today, it’s gained new respect, thanks to the high-protein, high-fat craze. But now that it’s acceptable to gorge on Gruyere, run-of-the-mill Kraft singles simply won’t do.

Artisanal, the trendy cheese-centric restaurant, brought the revolution to happy New Yorkers. But what about the rest of the world? Now you can bring it home, baby, with Artisanal’s newly launched website, Artisanalcheese.com. A veritable cornucopia of cheese is just a click away, as well as gift ideas and a cheese-of-the-month club. (Perfect for that Atkins fanatic in your life.) From Appenzeller to Zamorano, it’s all there. Whatever you’re eating, you’ll find something just right to pair it with.

Just don’t forget to throw out the crackers.

Available online at artisanalcheese.com.