Food & Drink

Choc and Awe

In a makeover-mad world, it’s important to remember that some things are perfect just the way they are.

Pets. Children. Jude Law. Chocolate.

Or maybe not. Punims au Chocolat, Joy Segal’s New Jersey-based company, gives unnecessary but nonetheless charming face-lifts to your basic candy bar. Provide Segal with an image and a message, and she’ll create twelve or more personalized bars. Printed on shimmery iridescent paper, the wrappers are designed with an artistic and attractive touch — great for a festive occasion or just a daily ego boost. For the calorie- or carb-conscious, diet candy bars can be special-ordered.

A clear case of gilding the lily, but where’s the harm?

We still love them for what’s on the inside.

For more information or to place an order, call 201-560-0027 or e-mail punimsauchocolat@aol.com.