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Trash Talk

Never trust a kid who’s too well behaved. Think Eddie Haskell in Leave It to Beaver. Tracy Flick in Election. Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son.

Goody Two-Shoes needs to lighten up.

Since you can’t offer the brat a scotch and soda, Garbage Pail Kids could be just the ticket. As in the ones you used to trade with the booger-nosed neighbor kid. After a fifteen-year hiatus, Topps is re-releasing cards for a new generation. The names have changed (characters now include Harry Potty and Fartin’ Martin), but the faces inhabit familiar territory, with themes that range from bodily blowouts to the occasional dismemberment. New to the whole concept is the Website, where collectors will soon be able to create their own Garbage Pail Kids. And, yes, the cards still come with the same chalky, rock-hard gum.

Which might make you nostalgic for your own not-so-well-behaved childhood.

To find a store near you, go to garbagepailkidsworld.com.