Escape from Hollywood

Remember when an evening at the movies meant pure escapism?

Nowadays it’s impossible to escape multiplex hell. If it isn’t the geezer sitting so far up in his seat you can see his hip replacement, it’s Sk8erGrrl behind you, rolling calls on her Nokia.

Is it any wonder TiVo is the new movie date?

No need to choke on your Milk Duds. Just look back to the past, not the future. You may think of drive-in movies as a dying breed, but that’s only because you’ve never enjoyed Cool Hand Luke from the privacy of your ‘57 Chevy. (Okay. Make that a ‘98 Corolla.) And whether you’re in Duluth or D.C., chances are there’s a drive-in closer than you think. Driveinmovie.com, an appropriately hokey and goofy Website, has complete nationwide listings.

And, yes, what you’ve seen in the movies is true. Drive-ins do for first dates what Dolby does for surround sound.

Two words, friends: steamy windows.

Find drive-ins near you online at driveinmovie.com.