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Blanket Statement

Linus had it right. A blanket is no mere piece of bedding.

It’s a little bit of home that travels anywhere. An anchor of familiarity in a toddler’s rapidly expanding universe. A symbol of security in a world gone crazy.

But where on earth to get a blanket that can stand up to that sort of significance? Kinder Cashmere makes the softest, prettiest ones we’ve seen yet. Inspired by New York’s bold style, France’s charm, and Maine’s homespun hardiness, they come in lots of bright colors, with one of four barnyard animal appliques. (Don’t worry, they’re not overly cutesy.) There are also matching pillows — for complete head-to-toe comfort. And everything is machine washable and durable enough to last for a lifetime of clinging and security.

Not to mention plenty of warmth and comfort.

Because, after all, sometimes a blanket really is just a blanket.

Available online at kinder-cashmere.com.