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Chew on This

A note to all you fashion nostalgists and vintage enthusiasts: Pucci and Bakelite aren’t the only relics making a comeback on the racks. The latest old-school accessory is all about the flava.

Candy company Cadbury Adams has resurrected turn-of-the-century classic gum brands Black Jack, Beemans, and Clove. Now you can snap it, crack it, and smack it just like you did as a kid. And, unlike today’s sugar bombs, these babies were invented to multitask. Black Jack is notable for its intense licorice flavor. Beeman’s, first introduced in 1898, settles the stomachs of nervous Nellies with special ingredient pepsin. Clove gum originated during Prohibition and helped lawbreaking guzzlers squelch the scent of alcohol. All three revivals are made from the original recipes and outfitted in the same old-school packaging.

Don’t get the wrong idea. This gum can still cause detention, unfortunate haircuts, and ruined soles.

But you’ll look awfully fashionable pulling it out of your vintage Hermes bag.

The classic gums will be available for a limited time at Dylan’s Candy Bar, 646-735-0078.