BBQ Kisses and Pork Rind Dreams

A girl knows she’s lassoed a stud when she comes home to NASCAR on the boob tube and ratty Michigan sweatshirts on the bathroom floor. His idea of multitasking? Watching SportsCenter while working the grill and throwing back a Molson. Man’s got skills.

He just doesn’t have the accessories to match.

Fan Brands are nifty little grilling irons that let ambitious (or shall we say fanatical?) chefs brand their sirloins with the logo of their choice. Well, of some choice. As of press time, Chanel hasn’t lent its C’s, but a bunch of colleges, NASCAR, and — god help us — every division of the armed forces have. (Uncle Sammy wanna burger?)

Just think of the fun you’ll be enabling at fall tailgate parties …

Your Clemson Tiger won’t know what hit him.

Now who’s the brand whore?

Available online at fan-brands.com.