Flower Power

Seems like not so long ago that a girl’s only role in the world of surfing was sitting on the beach, applauding while slathering herself with baby oil and other epidermal incendiaries.

No so anymore. Surfing’s a chick sport these days, and, to keep up with the times, Walden Boards has created a new line called Walden Wahine. The fetching designs feature floral patterns, a retro Hawaiian vibe, and bright, cheerful colors — but they’re so much more than eye candy. Lighter and narrower than your average board, Wahines are proportioned for female surfers, both beginning and advanced, and they’re made to the same exacting standards that Walden boards are known for. In other words, they may be damn attractive, but they definitely aren’t meant to be ogled on the sidelines.

Much like the ladies who ride them.

Available online at waldensurfboards.com.