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Too Cool for School

Back to school. Three words that can strike joy into the heart of even the most dedicated supermom.

But you’re not out of the woods yet. Just today, as you were prying your youngster’s grip from his XBox in an attempt to get him back on a school-night sleep schedule, you realized you had no idea where his backpack was. By the time you dug the carcass of a book bag out of the closet, No. 2 pencils were gouging your fingers. The task became painfully clear: Back-to-school shopping.

We figured you might need some help, so we put together a list of supplies no kid should report to the classroom without.

Take a load off, Annie. Get the squirt a backpack that packs some power. Lands’ End’s version easily morphs into a duffle. (Kinda like how your li’l angel transforms into a monster.)

so jazzy!

Kindergarteners will appreciate the warm fuzzy of Wildkin’s pack pals.

bulldog! monkey!

Back-to-school credo: Organization is a must. Must-haves include a rubber fish pencil case (good for carrying milk money). A stripy tin is just as good but has a little more style and, well … is a little less fishy.

so sleek!

You birthed a Picasso in training. Colored pencils? Check. Scented color pencils? Even better.

sniff, sniff!

Writing utensils are hard to hold onto. Give little scholars a reason to look after them with the groovy Girlfriend Pens. The Bic Matic fun foam-grip mechanical pencils lend comfort and color to written essays.


Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Everyone needs help occasionally. The Electronic Math Shark is a calculator for whizzes on the go.

like a video game!

Fred Flare’s classic composition notebooks are great for style-conscious retrophiles on the rise. Inside covers feature fun facts and even a stain-removal guide.

so pretty!

Let the baby genius enjoy a nutritious snack. Whether she’s packing or paying the lunch lady, Tupperware’s fun fruit lockers are too cute to pass up.


And when all else fails, one-stop shop with Russel + Hazel. Their supplies will make the schoolhouse rock. The Back-to-School set is a parent’s dream.

so organized!

Summer’s almost over, but freedom is about to begin.