Petal to the Metal

Sigh. Summer’s fading. Like, fast.

Which means it’s time to start thinking fall fashion. How to freshen up your closet full of last year’s velvet blazers and seasoned sweaters?

Flowers, naturally. Or maybe not so naturally. Supermaggie’s Flowers to Wear are fuzzy, handmade,100-percent merino wool brooches mounted on stainless steel pins — perfect for sticking to a hat, a bag, or a tee. Flowers liven up a dreary room, so why not that nubby old cableknit cardigan? Even guys have been spotted with a downy daisy on their lapel. (A new badge of sensitivity?)

These are the perfect antidote to the late-summer wilt you’re feeling.

Now can we talk about that tan line?

Available at supermaggie.com.