On the Run

Cellulite melting. Moisturizing. Butt lifting.

The hosiery industry is just full of innovative ideas. Except, of course, the one thing everyone really needs: a remedy for those inevitable rips, snags, and runs that render even the most expensive hosiery unwearable.

You can keep throwing your hard-earned cash at the problem. Or you can get RunFree Instant Hosiery Repair. A clear liquid that instantly and permanently repairs sheer hosiery, pantyhose, tights, opaques, knee-highs, and socks, it’s much more efficient than the old nail-polish fix your mom taught you. For starters, it’s odorless. And it dries into a soft and flexible material that doesn’t stick to your skin. And it actually works. Plus, it comes in a cute mascara-like bottle that’s eminently portable and easily stashed in a purse, desk drawer, car, or wherever you’re most likely to get snagged.

In other words, the kind of support you could really use.

For more information, go to runfree.com. To order, call 800-787-1238.