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Back in the day, lunch meant getting the cafeteria lady to stop scratching her hair net with the ladle long enough to give you a sliver of Salisbury steak.

In that school-cafeteria horror, you promised yourself that when you had kids, they’d always get delicious packed lunches. No sloppy anything. And no dried-up no-bake brownies.

Then you grew up and looked at your schedule.

There’s a solution: Applegate Farms Organic Lunchboxes, prepackaged meals that are free of nitrites, pesticides, and chemical preservatives. Options include organic turkey breast, uncured turkey bologna, uncured pepperoni pizza. But healthy doesn’t mean no fun: Every box comes with gummi fruit bears for dessert. Produced according to the guidelines of the USDA’s National Organic Program, the lunchboxes are designed to promote healthy eating habits.

Which cold spaghetti and mystery meatballs never did do.

Available at Whole Foods nationwide. For more information, go to applegatefarms.com.