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Fashion Plate

Okay, enough is enough. You’ve played that “Here comes the choo-choo bringing food to the station” game one too many times. Sure, you love your kid. But you have your own sanity to consider.

Plus, Junior still isn’t eating his mashed yams.

Maybe he just doesn’t buy it anymore. It could be time to entice him with something a little more grown-up — like his very own place setting. French Bull makes adorable, brightly colored sets that come individually boxed for your child’s dining pleasure. Each heat-resistant, shatterproof set contains a plate, cup, bowl, fork, and spoon — all the elements of a very sophisticated meal (if he asks, tell him knives are so last year) — and comes in either snazzy polka-dots or stripy rings. The best way to spice up the table and work up an appetite.

Without compromising anyone’s dignity.

Available online at frenchbull.com.