Art on a String

You know your Manet from your Monet. Your Impressionism from your Expressionism. Your Picasso from your Pissarro.

In short, you’ve got an eye for art. Now if only you had the pocketbook.

Not to worry. A new line of handmade glazed ceramic necklaces and earrings by sculptor-cum-designer Vick Bevan is the perfect way to start your collection without going broke. Choose from the pool (an O shape), pod (three intertwined doughnut-like rings), or slab (color-blocked rectangles) designs, in a palette of earth tones and yummy brights, including sand, coral, lime, and caramel (starving artist?). Each ceramic piece is tied to a similar shade of silk string, while the earring is a variation of the same three designs on posts.

If the jewelry box is overflowing, check out Bevan’s fierce soap spikes, a symbolic bed of nails for your Irish Spring.

And if that’s not art, we don’t know what is.

Available online at vickbevan.com.