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The red-bummed sock monkey: For those who know him, he’s a classic, beloved stuffed animal. To the uninitiated, his charms remain an elusive mystery. What’s so captivating about a primate with button eyes and nubby stumps? He isn’t pretty or furry, and he doesn’t carry a brand name.

Simple minds. The sock monkey has a unique ability to confer unrequited love and a warm fuzzy of happiness.

Artist Erin McGill captures this exact spirit with her hand-crafted cats and dogs. Based on characters in her drawings, the plushies are made from recycled fabric, and each is one of a kind. Which may explain why the dog looks more like a moose. But who wants to quibble when there’s so much cuteness to be adored. The animals may be understated, but they come in cool patchwork colors, with snazzy beaded details, and they don’t mind trips to the washing machine.

And they definitely won’t look like any other beast on the shelf.

Available online at erinmcgill.com.