On the Road Again

Your car is arguably more essential to your life than your best friend.

Yet when something goes wrong with it, you do nothing but curse and whimper, and pray that your AAA membership hasn’t expired. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship.

Barbara K. invented the Roadside Safety Kit precisely for those special moments when the car does, um, whatever you don’t want it to do. Designed especially for women, the eleven-piece kit comes in a handy and sorta-chic bag (which fits in the trunk) and contains the tools that will manage most unforeseen bumps in the road: jumper cables, a lantern, gloves, a tire gauge … Best of all, it comes with a trusty (and unintimidating) instruction manual, so you’ll know what the heck to do with them.

Which might make you so resourceful you’ll never need to call that useless best friend again.

Available online at amazon.com.