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Yo, Bruiser!

They slip, trip, bang, and scrape … with fewer major injuries than you’d expect. But how Katie survived that new-and-improved Tinkerbell leap from the top bunk …

Still using bags of frozen peas to soothe the bruise? There’s a newer, chiller first-aid doodad: Mr. Happy Boo Boo Gel Packs. Made by the creators of Yo Bubble, the oh-so-darling compresses are easy to use, hot or cold. They’re great for bumps, headaches, sunburns, or just plain soreness. (And in a pinch can chill a baby — or hey! a beer — bottle.)

The pigtailed and blushing Miss Helpful version? Even cuter.

But either will cheer the most sullen of patients — kids and grown-ups alike.

Available online at wishingfish.com.