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Picking Daisies

Before the concept of girl power was co-opted as an instrument of evil by a bunch of vacuous prefab marketers masquerading as pop divas, it actually meant something.

If you have a musically inclined daughter, you’ve probably glimpsed the real deal. She’s a powerful little prodigy in training, and she wants to rock out. But on what? All the guitars you see are built for men.

Except Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. Specially designed to fit girls’ smaller proportions, they’re the brainchild of musician mom Tish Ciravolo, who knows from experience how discouraging it is to learn on a too large instrument. And the designs are great: The signature Daisy Series features flower-shaped bodies with cartoonish white accents; the heart-shaped Heartbreaker and the retro-chic Stardust Series are also worth a look. Best of all may be the color selection, which includes Powder Pink, Princess Purple, Dreamy Yellow, and the like. Endorsements include shout-outs from Donna R. (of the Donnas), Bangle Susanna Hoffs, Nancy Wilson, and riot-grrl pioneers Erin Smith and Jennifer Finch.

Now we’re talkin’ girl power.

To find a dealer near you, go to daisyrock.com.