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Poster Child

“Look what I painted for you today, Mommy!”

He’s so talented. He’s so proud. He’s so … damn prolific. Little Van Gogh’s indecipherable scribbles and dribbles have taken over your kitchen. Still. You can’t exactly recycle your genius’s artistic endeavors.

No need to. Just send his originals to Swee’Pea Posters. They’ll scan and reduce the images, then arrange and mount them on museum-quality poster board. The result looks oh so elegant. His name at the bottom — Maxwell 2004 — adds a professional touch, transforming any wall into your own private art gallery.

Friends and family will squeal with delight. Grandparents will ask for copies.

You knew it. Your little one was meant for greatness after all.

For more information, go to zsquaredgraphics.com.