If the Shoe Fits

“Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!”

Ah, the traumas of gym class. The humiliation of being the last one standing, passed over as Rona Stevenson handpicked her ever undefeated dodgeball team.

Maybe it wasn’t about your weak pitching skills. Maybe it was your uninspiring sneaks. If only you’d been able to handcraft them yourself.

Make up for that unhappy childhood (hey, every little bit helps) by designing a winning pair of kicks at Customatix.com. Start by selecting a style of trainer (runners, slip-ons, casuals, boots). Then navigate the matrix of options to pick your design, color, fabric, and accents. You even get to name your masterpiece. (We humbly suggest Eat My Dust, Rona.)

Now no one can ever walk in your unique shoes. And you’ll never be the last one standing.

Available online at customatix.com.