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Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

Ever noticed how your child’s school is sorta like the Bermuda Triangle?

Things enter, but they never come back: mittens, lunchboxes, jackets, shoes … Gone forever, with nary an explanation, (save the occasional blank look or shoulder shrug).

Mabel’s Labels could be of assistance. Brightly colored and personalized with a name, nickname, initials, picture icon, or whatever you choose, they’ll help your little ones hang onto their belongings. The cute-as-can-be sticky tags (in red, green, and blue; the Princess Pack comes with pink, lilac, and apple green) can be used on cups, bowls, toys, show-and-tell items, and anything else that might get lost along the way. There are also iron-on labels for team uniforms, hats, blankets, jackets, bags, socks, and the like. Best of all, they’re tough enough to withstand the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, and dryer.

They won’t solve all of life’s mysteries, but at least they’ll clear up a few.

Available online at mabel.ca.