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Hitting the Spot

Babies are a lot like celebrities. They’re up all night, asleep all day, spoon-fed organic food, and the center of attention everywhere they go. And, like the biggest stars, they get mighty cranky when things don’t go
their way.

How to satisfy baby when he’s upset because he’s hungry or crying ‘cause he’s lonely?

A Massage Snuggie. Created by a pediatric chiropractor and a clothing designer, it’s just the thing to soothe and relax his tired soul. This cotton/Lycra baby jumper is designed with a map of a little one’s most important massage and pressure points. Colorful icons show where you should rub in circular motions to maintain health and emotional well-being and to ease discomfort and and respiratory ailments. Baby never felt — or looked — this good.

What we wanna know: Why don’t they make these
for adults?

Available online at gifttree.com.