Dangling the Carrot

One could get addicted to cheap thrills if not for the inevitable aftermath: regrets, hangovers, embarrassing trips to the doctor. You know: You get what you pay for.

But sometimes the quest proves fruitful.

The Carrotbox stocks fun, addictive, cheap cheap cheap (yes, we did just write cheap three times) rings in dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors. The cheery, colorful baubles are made of acrylic, Lucite, resin, Bakelite, glass, and even stone … anything but metal. Particularly eye-catching are the Murano glass rings and the Tall and Candy bands, which look cool stacked. Consider these the perfect accessory fix for the indecisive and the insatiable.

Since many are priced below $15, there’s no need to hold back.

And nothing to regret the morning after.

Available online at thecarrotbox.com.