Picture Perfect

My, you looked fabulous last Christmas, caroling by the tree, hair all sleek from that thermal reconditioning.

Rewind: December 1988. Loitering pointlessly beneath the mistletoe, that prominent zit, your jeans tapered, your hair … enormous.

Ah, so many fond memories. All caught on film. All stashed in a shoebox in the back of your closet.

That’s no way to treat your cherished past! Instead, preserve those photos in a stunning album from 9th Exhibition. Two stylish options come covered in 100 percent silk. The larger version has vibrant blue stripes, while the smaller has fabulous pinks and reds. Inside, both have 4” x 6” slots for stashing your favorite snapshots.

Because, sure, the holiday spirit comes around every year, but the world may never have another chance to see you in a scrunchy and an oversize Benetton rugby shirt.

Available at 9thexhibition.com.