Scentimental Journey

Here’s a charming picture from your youth: you and your friends, bent over a coffee table, rabidly sniffing at something.

We’re speaking, of course, of scratch-and-sniff. In the economy of childhood, few things surpassed it in value. In fact, at its height, a scratch-and-sniff sticker’s exchange value at recess was reported in excess of that of five Garbage Pail Kids.

Stationers Jack and Lulu are bringing back those memorable days with their limited-edition scratch-and-sniff greeting cards. The adorable creations, designed in bright, tasty colors and cutout shapes, come in yummy-smelling ice-cream-cone, mint, hot-chocolate, and gum-ball flavors. They’re so appealing you’ll want to hoard them, trade them, and share them with your friends as you did in the days of yore.

And no matter how old you are, they’ll have you scratching and sniffing like the playground junkie you once were.

Available online at traylorpapers.com or fredflare.com.