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'Twas the Night Before ...

When it comes to holiday presents, the safest bet is obeying those little chicken-scratch lists your kids make. And when all else fails (or the requests are too extreme … ), show ’em you know a thing or two about kiddie cool.

Make winter fun. With mini skis, snowshoes, snow ballers, and an igloo maker.


Of course, it’s never fun to bundle up in the cold weather. Unless, that is, your long johns come in jungle, floral, and chicken prints.

cute & cozy!

Anyone can have a white Christmas … even in Hawaii. All you need is a snowflake machine.

make snow!

Want to blow Jane and Billy Bob away? The weirdly irresistible Airzooka does just that.

bam bam!

Make-your-own lip balm is a crafty beauty thrill with a G rating. (Instead of the ear piercing she asked for.)

so fun!

Show them from old-school cool. The High School Reunion movie collection includes The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Sixteen Candles. (We’ll leave it to you to explain the 1985 appeal of Anthony Michael Hall.)

the best!

Indulge the need for a night-light with these groovy, glowworm-like rechargeable Candeloos.

too cool!

And what safer or warmer creature to curl up with than a cashmere jingle teddy from Polo.

so cuddly!

Now for the bedtime story: Stock the bookshelves with classics from your youth, like The Runaway Bunny, Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, William Steig’s Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, or Alice in Wonderland, which is having a cultural moment right now: Pop-up master Robert Sabuda is on it with his incredible version of the tale. (Remember that these gifts are theirs, not yours.)


When he wakes up in the morning, slip him into these hand-crocheted penny loafers.

so sleek!

Yeah, all you grown-ups will be jealous of her tea party, complete with cups she paints herself.

tea time!

Channel their sugar habit into something you can enjoy (for a change). The Kids’ Holiday Baking Book teaches fledging bakers recipes and traditions from around the world.

bake away!

Vacation over? Back to school? Again? The right accessories will make it a little easier. Like marabou gel pens and plastic neon pencils.

they glow!

See? You’ll survive this holiday yet.