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Hit the Saki

Parenting requires a watchful eye. Take, for instance, what happened the other day.

“Aren’t you afraid little Lucy will catch cold?” sneered a concerned mommy. A downward glance revealed that your child, having kicked off her blankie, was now dangerously exposed to the elements. You covered her and braced for the sirens.

To avoid future upbraidings, get a Saki. A comfy sleeping bag made with two layers of soft fleece, it fits snugly in all strollers and car seats. Strap Lucy in to keep her firmly bundled and prevent unplanned disrobings. There are four styles, but we particularly like the apple-green version with big, colorful flowers. Best of all, no matter how much she kicks, the Saki ain’t goin’ nowhere. Which means next time you’re in the park, she’ll definitely be covered.

As will your backside.

Available online at totshop.com.