You Can Take It With You

There are two kinds of people: those who travel light and those who wish they had.

Still, you can’t exactly set sail with a mere toothbrush and envelope (though you can have fun trying). The trick? Taking only what matters. Herewith, a roundup.

What to bring in order of descending size: The rolly-bag conundrum: brilliant for dashing through airports, embarrassingly ugly at baggage claim. Not so with Samsonite’s Black Label collection. It’s as functional (nothing will rip it) as it is fashionable (its patterns resemble an elegant men’s suit).

so trusty!

When it comes to weekend getaways, style trumps practicality. Arrive with sexy Italian leather.

so classic!

You’ll never fit all your shoppings into the suitcase you brought. Come prepared. LeSportsacs fold down smaller than a sweater and expand to hold several dozen new ones. We’re partial to the Cabin bag in Twilight.

so smart!

The right toiletry bag will not only keep everything neat, but also inspire you to keep up appearances where nobody knows your name.

so jazzy!

Don’t cram the itinerary, restaurant and shopping lists, receipts, and Post-Its into your wallet. Organize them in a cheap document case (which also fits a passport).

Travel concern #1: how to be comfortable when your bed lies an ocean away. (Where to eat well is #2.)

Swaddle yourself in double-duty covers. For planes, trains, and automobiles: a pillow that doubles as a blanket.

so great!

Blue slippers and a matching chocolate blanket? Skip the museum; take a siesta.

so comfy!

A sleep mask is a wearable do-not-disturb sign. May as well hang a pretty one.

so cute!

Fight plane phobias and jet lag the cute and natural way.

so soothing!

Five things that make being away a little easier and a little more fun. One for each sense, as you please.

Sound. Music junkies shouldn’t leave home without Ellula inflatable speakers. They plug into portable devices and laptops, and will impress even insufferable music snobs.

so cool!

Sight. As in, seeing. Don’t load up on travel guides. Xerox the pages you’ll need and toss them as you go. The best ones are the Knopf CityMaps and Guides, the City Secrets series, and the Eyewitness Travel Guides.

so useful!

Taste. Make sure what comes out of your mouth is sweet. Seiko’s translator is everything you want in a travel companion (it knows six languages and has a built-in organizer and alarm clock) and nothing you don’t (bad hygiene, bathroom stops, crankiness). Too techy? Point It will do the trick.

so genius!

Smell. You never know who was in your room before you. Wipe away all traces with whimsical travel candles.

so yummy!

Touch. Keep your skin dewy soft with Chantecaille Rosewater spray.

Now happy trails, you incurable pack rat.