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A Place at the Table

Remember the last time you served Mom breakfast in bed?

Pancakes for Mother’s Day circa 1980. Flour, eggs, chocolate sauce, a splash of OJ, and a lake of syrup. How she managed to keep it down …

Fortunately, that recipe never made it into the history books.

Here’s a collection that has. Bob’s Your Uncle disposable paper place mats feature outrageous recipes written by children. The design is minimalist, mod, and kooky enough to liven up the table without distracting from the eatings.

There are six versions to choose from, but the best comes courtesy Ethan, age 3 1/2. It’s for dinosaur soup.

  • Take 4 dinosaurs.
  • Put in bowl.
  • Add some water.
  • Put in microwave.
  • Eat for 7 days.

    Bob warns us not to try this at home.

    Duh. Every chef knows better than that.

    Available online at plumparty.com.