New Kid on the Blaec

Shopping is so over.

The crowds. The time suckage. The better-looking person in the next dressing room who always seems to be trying on the same thing two sizes smaller. Why the hell do we do it?

Oh yeah. The clothes. But for that, one might just as well visit the recently launched Blaec.com. Taking its name from the Old English word for black, it’s stocked with your favorite garb and accessories: Paper Denim & Cloth, Blue Cult, Hollywood Trading Co., Ya-Ya, Diane von Furstenberg, Park Vogel, Development. It’s the thrill of shopping minus the bad lighting and line cutting. Click to your heart’s content, and feel free to send back the stuff that doesn’t work. All without having to deal with nasty retail vibes.

Okay, never mind.

Shopping is so back.

Available online at blaec.com.