Bright Idea

Sure, candles are nice. In that “Oh, goodness. Thanks for the fruitcake” kind of way. And, sure, they set the mood, soothe the senses … But they can turn disastrously cheesy with one false move.

Vanilla amaretto? Mint musk? What will they dream up next?

Time to spark things up. Candlescapes.net provides a welcome break from the humdrum of pillars, sticks, and tea lights. Its creations, which look like bowls of rice, are infinitely customizable. You select a container (ceramic, glass, vases, and cookie cutters, whatever), then add wax pastilles (the rice-looking things), wicks, scent … Bingo! Burn, baby, burn.

Even the most artistically challenged will be inspired by how easy it can be to make something not already owned by every Blonde, Drew, and Harry.

And it smells a hell of a lot better than the vanilla-amaretto-fruitcake number you were eyeing.

Available online at candlescapes.net.