Oki Dokie

You don’t mean to be such a grump.

It’s just that when your coworker complimented you on your new kicks, you weren’t expecting her to go out and buy the exact same ones. Doesn’t anyone respect personal style anymore?

In fact, yes. Oki-ni, a company that works with edgy labels to create unique designs in limited quantities, has made precisely that a top priority. On Oki-ni’s Website, you’ll find cool stuff like rare circa-1980 Adidas sneakers in in funky color combinations, Evisu men’s jeans in special vintage washes, and designer wallpaper. As a way to ensure rarity, stock is constantly changed and updated.

In other words, should you decide to purchase your new sneakers at Oki-ni, you can rest assured that by the time they arrive on your doorstep, there won’t be any left to buy.

Leaving your colleague — and other wannabes — deservedly high and dry.

Available online at oki-ni.com.