Don't Be Cruel

It’s not like you don’t try. When you and your vegan friend get together (everyone’s got one), you smile through Adventures in Soyland. Mmmmm, tofu pups.

Then she looks down at your bag. Suede? You nod sheepishly. (And — yikes — it’s actually pony. Or worse, crocodile.) Are you really that evil?

One look at Matt & Nat’s cruelty- and leather-free bags and you may wonder why you shell out for skins. Instead of making faux versions of existing bags, designer Inder Bedi (a vegetarian, bien sur) takes advantage of the natural (so to speak) qualities of synthetic materials. And rather than trying to beat them into leathery submission, he creates original designs, from the demure straw Pik-Nik purse to the bold stripes of the Ibiza. Nary a hippie pouch in sight. There are only a few bags to choose from so far, but Matt & Nat have big plans: Shoe and clothing lines are currently in the works.

Who ever thought one could wow Miss Chic and Miss Seitan with one svelte sack?

Kindness never had it so good.

To see styles and find a retailer near you, go to viavegan.com.