Food & Drink

Mealtime, Squealtime

Life before children. Remember? Cocktails at 6, holding hands on evening strolls, sleeping (and romping) through Saturday, and ten beautiful, uninterrupted hours of sleep. A night.

Oh, and the quiet, romantic dinners.

Snap out of it, Sally. Repeat after us: “Long gone. O-V-E-R.” Just getting Junior and Juniorina through supper requires a small miracle. The sauce is “spicy,” the fries are “soggy,” your nerves are “shot.”

There’s help in sight. What the Pack-n-Play does for sleep the Eat-n-Play does for food. The sleek, little insulated cooler has three mesh pockets for bottles and snacks and convenient external storage. The side flap unzips into a detachable, easy-clean place mat that comes in four playful scenes — a happy zoo, a busy city street, a colorful garden, and an appetizing tabletop — each with a matching toy.

The little ones will be so entertained you just might be able to have a conversation over dinner.

Available online at eat-n-play.com.