Cause Celebre

The slump between New Year’s Eve and Memorial Day is a long stretch with little to celebrate. (Greeting-card romance and presidents’ birthdays do not a holiday make.)

We could all use some cheering up during the wait for spring to settle in. And Nicole Romano’s new accessories line is as good a reason as any to dress up and take back the fun. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Romano has an eye for the whole ensemble — earlobes, wrists, and necks included. Her collection has everything from whimsical gold cord molded whimsically into large spiral necklaces to bold polished-wood earrings with hand-laid brass insets. Playful, sexy, and altogether festive.

Just like your mood, no matter what the calendar says.

Available online at girlshop.com. To see styles, go to nicoleromano.com.