Sticker Shock

Remember being a kid and announcing that you couldn’t wait to be a grown-up?

You hadn’t anticipated the drawbacks of adulthood. Like the fact that it’s pretty much socially unacceptable to play with stickers or Colorforms in public.

Luckily, French company Venus en Mars has come up with a very proper and mature way to recapture those magic childhood pastimes. Its peel-and-place, reusable, electrostatic stickers can create beautiful designs on plates, glasses, windows, tiles, or any other smooth surface that needs some extra adornment. (We like them as wineglass markers.) Totally food-safe, they come in two color combos: red and pink, and blue and green. They’re so much fun you’ll be glad they’re reapplicable.

It’s enough to make growing up worth while after all.

Well, almost.

Available online at illicodesign.com.