Drama Queen

1985: Passed over for the lead in the community Christmas pageant.

1989: Cast as Alligator #1 in the summer-camp production of Really Rosie.

1995: Second-to-last place in the senior-year talent contest. (Thank goodness for that baton twirler.)

The stage wasn’t your true calling. So what? All you wanted was a chance to wear the frilly dresses.

Thanks to Melinda Looi, you finally can. The Malaysian designer has channeled her passion for theatrical costume into a line of exquisite, hand-decorated apparel that is cropping up everywhere from boardrooms to Broadway. (All the world’s a stage, right?) Your inner ingenue will shine in chiffon tops, floaty dresses, and ethereal skirts, all embellished with beads, lace, netting, and other dreamy touches.

Go ahead and hog the spotlight.

Lord knows you’ve paid your dues.

To find a retailer near you, e-mail trentpeace@hotmail.com. To see styles, go to melindalooi.com.my.